We will create a comfortable and cozy home, office or other space that suits your activity or lifestyle

Call us to schedule an appointment with us. We will create a project for your home, office, caffe, leisure or work spaces.

There is no single style or project. Every home is a unique one and it reflects the personalities of the people who live in it.


Interior design projects

We create and develop interior concept, space design, furniture layout and arrangement, custom furniture design, design of spaces, lighting and electrical installations, plumbing points.

We project custom furniture

Depending on the customer's needs and wishes, we design custom non-standard sizes and exclusive designs of built-in furniture.

We create furniture for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dressing room and other similar spaces.

At the customer's request, we design and organize the production of individual, upholstered furniture.

Public spaces

At your request, we design business and leisure spaces that meet your needs.
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