There is no single style or project. Every home is unique.


I love my work and every client for me is an extraordinary gift. I wait for you at my office with your ideas about your dream home, office, caffe, beauty studio. And I cannot wait to create and fulfill your dream together with you.

Sincerely yours
The founder of the Berletė Home interior design studio
Diana Berletė

About me
A few words

About me

Sometimes people ask me: "What style do you create?" My answer is that I do not create either classic, or Scandinavian type of home, or modern home. I create a home for Matt and Eva, a home for Dinara. Even if it would be just a guest house or office, they still belong to somebody. I try to reflect the style and the spirit of the person who is living there. A house has to be a comfortable and practical one, so I always listen to the needs of my clients first. I do not sketch what is beautiful only to me, or what is too complicated to fulfil and it looks beautiful only on paper. The needs and dreams must meet the reality of practical life. But the most important is to be passionate and love what you do!

What we do


Interior design projects

We create and develop interior concept, space design, furniture layout and arrangement, custom furniture design, design of spaces, lighting and electrical installations, plumbing points.

We project custom furniture

Depending on the customer's needs and wishes, we design custom non-standard sizes and exclusive designs of built-in furniture.

We create furniture for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dressing room and other similar spaces.

At the customer's request, we design and organize the production of individual, upholstered furniture.

Public spaces

At your request, we design business and leisure spaces that meet your needs.



We present you our latest interior projects, where you can see the latest interior design trends dictated by the largest world Interior design Exhibitions in Milan, Paris and Germany.
All custom furniture was designed by Berlete Home interior studios for the specific order and unit production individually for the client.


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The desire to create is the greatest longing of the human soul. We will create a comfortable and cozy home, office or other space that suits your activity or lifestyle.

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